How it works

How it works


How it works

How it works


  • Business and organisations offer internship positions through the Believe & Achieve programme
  • Publication of available positions on the Believe & Achieve website and publicising through EMSP and its members’ networks
  • Potential candidate pre-selection made by EMSP, interviews are conducted by corporate partner
  • Internship begins
  • EMSP supports the intern and works closely with the company to monitor the internship
  • EMSP provides support for the company to assess and adjust the workplace and also evaluation of internal policies if requested
  • Final review at the end of the internship

For more detailed process, please contact us.

Background info

Currently almost 50% of people diagnosed with MS are in limited employment, if any, three years after diagnosis. After 15 years, almost 80% of people stop working for a range of reasons, many not asymptomatic.

Many people with MS want to work and with support, can continue to have successful careers. The Pact and Toolkit provide employers with the basic information on how to make the adjustments so experienced members of staff can stay in work. There are also tips and surveys to evaluate and ensure businesses recruitment practices are truly ‘equal opportunity’ and not excluding anyone from the talent pool.

Sign up for the PACT and download the Working Out MS in the Workplace: A Practical Toolkit for Employers

We need your support to make the Pact work. The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) is asking businesses, national and European decision-makers and all employers to support a recently launched Employment Pact for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases.

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