Offer Internships

Offer internships


Offer Internships

Offer internships

Is your business a leader in the industry? Do you have colleagues who excel at marketing, managing project or are financial geniuses? 
We want you to get involved and share expertise with enthusiastic young people on the Believe and Achieve programme!

Brand Management

  1. Boost your brand
  2. Be a truly excellent, equal opportunities employer
  3. Provide opportunities to young people with MS
  4. Become a best-practice employer


  1. Access to new pool of talents
  2. Lead your industry
  3. Boost your reputation as a great place to work

Corporate Social Responsibility

  1.  Create more prospects for individuals affected by MS and their families
  2. Give a young person a real opportunity and get them into the workplace

Industry leaders shaping the legislative framework

  1. Promote your best practice among your peers
  2. Proof of Practice: influence policy and legislation by showing the results of the Believe and Achieve partnership. 
  3. Highlight your business impact in society